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Knock on Wood

Sale price$12.00

Instead of knocking on wood and hoping for luck when making a decision, embrace the calming scents of the woods. Step into your center as you enter the forest, the scent of the earth raising to greet you. Breathe. Come alive. Then make your decisions from that centered, calm, space.

Artisanal, 100% handmade soap containing cleansing activated charcoal. It is scented with pure cedarwood essential oil. Breathe in the deep, dark, earthy, and somewhat smokey notes of the cedarwood as you ground yourself while scrubbing away the troubles of the day or morning fogginess.

All bars are hand cut and average approx. 5 oz.

The soap is made with skin loving luxurious plant based oils. It produces a rich and creamy lather that your skin will love.