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Article: Gratefulnes



When was the last time you took a moment to appreciate everything you are grateful for? More importantly, perhaps, when was the last time you took a moment to appreciate all the things you are thankful for about yourself?

Maybe certain things make you feel more grateful. Personally, I feel more grateful when I'm close to nature or experience funny things. I'd recommend you do whatever you need to do to feel more thankful in general. Still, the ritual below is an excellent way of incorporating gratitude into your daily routine.

This ritual can be used for having a shower or just simply washing your hands or face.

As you wash, consider three things you are grateful for. It could be as simple as the water splashing over your hands. Suppose you've experienced a day when the water got turned off, or lived in a place with no running water. In that case, you know how beautiful it is to turn on a tap and see water flowing through it. How simple it makes life.

Personally, I'll never forget visiting my parents' home in Peru with my husband. When I lived in Peru, I never thought about the fact we didn't have hot water. When I visited after moving to America, I woke up to my husband screaming at the top of his lungs because he was having a freezing cold shower! After returning to the States, I'm ever so grateful for every drop of hot water coming out of our tap!

Water itself is something to be grateful for. And the scent of the soap—how amazing is that?! The ability to smell scents you love!

Think about the things that make you laugh. The things that make you feel good. The beauty of star shine and moonlight. Thank the universe that they exist. Think of the silliness or laughter of children, what your friends or partner have done to show they love you, a cup of hot tea on a cold evening…

As you dry your hands, set an intention to go out and look for good things today. Look for and give thanks for everything you appreciate—from the beauty of a flower to the comfort of your bed.

As you likely wash your hands several times a day, there's no saying you can't take time to be grateful for yourself, too. Just think—since you were born, how many things have you had to learn? Walking, talking, tying your shoelaces, cooking meals, washing your clothes…there are so many things you have had to learn! So many things you can do!

And let's not forget all the times you've survived unpleasant situations—ranging from heartache to dealing with bad teachers. All of that has hopefully taught you to grow!

It's easy to get caught up in the big goals, so learn to remember the small things you accomplish daily. Appreciate yourself when you make someone smile. When you get to work on time. When you pay your bills. When you make your bed. When you cook a meal. You're doing so much—you deserve your own gratitude.

If you really want to go for it, have a full-blown shower where you spend the entire shower thinking about everything you appreciate about life and yourself. All the things life gives you. All the things you've achieved.

The funny thing is, once your self-image and your image of life change, you and your life both start to change.

Try turning this around to embrace others, too—appreciate them. You have so much power—with just one word of gratitude or one smile at another person, you can improve their day.

Your life has so much meaning. You are a powerful being. You are lovely and strong!

Suitable Soaps

Any soap that smells deliciously divine to you. A soap you can be truly grateful for!

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